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Thailand is an island nation in Southeast Asia that lies along the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. Thailand shares a border with Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, and Laos. In Thailand, Theravada Buddhism is a prominent cultural element. The beliefs and customs of Thai people are heavily influenced by Buddhist principles. Additionally, the traditions from neighboring nations such as Myanmar, Cambodia, China, and Laos also contribute to the development of Thailand culture. Every year, the country attracts a lot of tourists.


Thailand also known as the “Land of Smiles”is a must visit if you are travelling in southeast Asia. The people are humble, gracious and have many attractions to experience and enjoy. Delectable and flavorful cuisine, picturesque landscapes and Beaches, Grand Buddha Temples (The Grand Palace, Bangkok), Elephant sanctuaries in Chiang Mai, and historical preserves like Sukhothai Old City a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Population: 169,480,520 (estimated in July 2021)

Area: 513,120km²

Official Religion: Buddhism (94.6%), Islam (4.3%)

Capital: Bangkok

Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy

GDP: 543.789 billion USD

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Thailand has also been affected by COVID-19, just like other nations. As a result, the nation's GDP declined to 6 percent in 2020, and many people, particularly those in the tourism industry, were laid off.

The Thai people also enjoy celebrating festivals. Throughout Thailand, Songkran, aka Water Festival, is a major cultural event. The Buddha statues in different temples are ritually cleansed on this day by devotees. Similarly, Loi Krathong, also known as the Festival of Light in Thailand, has a great deal of significance to its culture. Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy this jewelof Southeast Asia.

Thailand's greeting is "wai", which is said with a slight bow of the head and hands clasped in front of the chest. A gesture such as this usually means hello, goodbye, sorry, and thank you. Even though Thailand is home to a variety of ethnicities, the official language is Thai, and Thai script is often used instead of traditional writing. Thai culture holds ancestors and elders in high esteem. Family members listen to their elders' decisions, and the young look up to them as role models.

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