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cVIBINg  (CV), provides engagement workshops and conference speaking services that are factual, inspiring, aspirational, and empowering. We help human resource experts, employees, and management gain the social economic and historic context that result in an understanding of our changing workplace landscape that seeks to address bias, and factors that make DEI and diversity programs effective for everyone in the workplace.

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We work with management and stakeholders to foster a more creative and innovative workforce, which is necessary in an era of globalization and where there is an increased scrutiny and analysis of the effectiveness of employer installed and managed DEI (diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) programs.

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DEI Training

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DEI Training

DEI programs are extremely important because at the core of these programs is the unmistakable objective of determining if an organization is committed to addressing equity for all in the workplace and in society.  The ramification of these decisions impact individuals’ ability to have confidence that their contributions will be respected and properly compensated. This in turn impacts the continuum of the micro and macro economy, from employee to consumer – from brand loyalty to brand disloyalty.  Savvy business owners and corporations understand the importance of this in the era of SocialMedia.

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Video Producer & Curator

cVIBINg’s video, film and docudrama and media productions are designed to help our customers facilitate positive culture and systemic change. The projects are commissioned by our stakeholders who seek to engage in a civil dialogue on culture awareness, impact on diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives. cVibe’s content is produced internally, by organic creators and by other stakeholders who desire to communicate progress towards positive social changes within their organizations.

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