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Global Activism

Embracing diversity and believing in inclusion starts from self-awareness, particularly of your environment and how we engage with our world (or worldview). Our holistic approach towards building bridges between cultures encompasses plurality, solidarity, inclusion and most importantly engagement across various avenues. We recognize that universal access to knowledge about promoting cultural diversity is an essential spice for achieving the major societal pluralistic goals we have been eyeing for some time. To make this a reality, we need to expand our understanding of diverse values, tradition, customs and how they Vibe within communities in ways that we embrace or are otherwise fearful that it will threaten our worldview or our societal norms.

Join the discussion

cVibe invites you to join our discussions on DEI programs and other such issues that contribute to justice, equality, peace, equity and a pluralistic society.

Many of cVibe’s audience and members look to us to provide discussions and content that help them understand the concerns associated with the principles of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.



Two calls to action by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. come to mind:


Dr. King asks two questions:

     "Why can’t we wait?!"

                "Where do we go from here?!"

They see, or conversely, don’t see how these principles are deemed core to healing the divides that frustrate social progress. They point to progress already made in civil rights and other hard-fought achievements by people of color. Why the need for more...? They argue: correcting historical wrongs, are no longer uniting us but rather dividing us and is now serving as an impediment to creating a more perfect Union...Is this argument supported by facts, or reality experienced individuals, families and communities here in America and throughout our the global community?

Let's celebrate our progress and have a discussion on the journey that lay before us.

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Let's hear that little voice

How can we better accomplish

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion within our Communities, Businesses, Institutions of every kind and Society at large...?

Leadership in Support of our Veterans

cVIBINg offer services to (B2B, Government and, corporate entities). We provide strategies that empower employers, employees, and management seeking to address workplace misunderstandings that emanate from unconscious bias.We work with management and stakeholders to fosters a more creative and innovative workforce, which is necessary in an era of globalization and where there is an increased scrutiny and analysis of the effectiveness of employer installed and managed DEI (Diversity,Equity, and Inclusion) programs.

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