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The country of Vietnam is a small, beautiful nation with breathtaking landscapes, a strong sense of national pride and a proud history. In spite of the fact that the country went through many wars which weakened its core, Vietnam is still regarded as a peaceful and nice nation. Vietnam's culture dates back more than 4000 years, making it one of the world's oldest cultural identities. Vietnamese culture is diverse, with traditional wedding ceremonies that vary in size, rituals, and style. Vietnam's 54 tribes are each represented by beautiful costumes.

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Population: 102,789,598 (estimated in July 2021)

Capital: Port of Spain

Area: 331,210km²

Official Religion: None (81.8%), Buddhist (7.9%), Catholic(6.6%)

Government Type: Communist State

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The Vietnamese put more emphasis on family and clan than on individualism. There are still some people in the country who live in longhouses as part of the clan tradition. When it comes to food, Vietnam boasts some of the finest cuisines in the world.

There are several types of noodles served here, as well as noodle soups. There is quite a wide range of musical tastes in Vietnam. Songs from the north tend to be formal and older while music from the Champa region tends to be more sophisticated. The nation has two kinds of literature: written literature and folk literature. They are both developed simultaneously.

Like others, Vietnam has felt the shock of COVID-19. All of Vietnam's sectors were affected, and its impact can be evident in the country's economy. The airline and tourism sectors are the most affected by the Coronavirus.

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