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Japan is an East Asian Archipelagic Island situated in the Pacific Ocean that forms part of the 6,853 volcanic and mountainous islands. Japan borders several powerful countries, including China, Russia, South Korea, North Korea, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea, and Taiwan.


Japan has a diverse culture, yet many people mistakenly consider it homogenous. The Japanese are known for their politeness in communication, their practical approach to problems, and their participation in a wide range of entertainment and artistic activities.

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Population: 124,687,293 (estimated in July 2021)

Area: 377,915km²

Capital: Tokyo

Official Religion: Shintoism (69%), Buddhism (66.7%)

Government Type: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy

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There are many Japanese cultural features that distinguish Japan from other East Asian countries, such as the Samurai, Manga/Anime, Cherry Blossom, Origami, Geisha, and many more. Japanese love to eat fish. According to estimates, the Japanese consume around 12% of all fish worldwide. They are also the biggest importer of fish.

There are many very attractive sites to visit in Japan. Among them is Hiroshima, the location that some say is the site where the nuclear bombing occurred, arguably changing the psyche of Japanese citizens regarding further participation in WWII. But there is much more to see in this modern oasis of ancient history and culture.

JUDO, KARATE, and SUMO are cultural sports in Japan. Up to this day, sumo is Japan's national sport. It is practiced solely in Japan. The largest holiday in Japan is New Year’s celebration. Aside from that, the Japanese also celebrate Matsuri during the spring and summer, a celebrationof the sea gods and the land gods.

In East Asia, Japan has the worst COVID situation. It has adversely affected the economy, society, and tourism sector of the country. Japan has also experienced disruption in its supply chain. According to S&P Global, the worst performing stocks in the country were retail companies, cosmetics companies, and travel companies.

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