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Its the journey

...not the path:

LTC (Ret.) Laurian G. Cuffy


Global News Vibes

one bridge at a time


Emancipation from the bondage of the soil is no freedom for the tree.

CulturalVIBINg™ (cVIBINg™) is the act of being open to personal cultural growth. It's a conscious and civil dialogue whose aim is discovering, appreciating, and the promoting of our collective humanity. It's the participation in diverse and inclusive activities that allow us to better understand ourselves and others through embracing broader human and  cultural experiences.

"Working to create positive social & cultural change 

helps us see and appreciate our own humanity!"


cVIBINg™ advances its aim of Unity&Growth within our communities by featuring, producing and distributing movies, short films, docudramas, News and other culturally centric content of our most important aims is advancing cultural diversity, inclusion and equity each of which serves as powerful pillars for

promoting our vision of realizing a truly pluralistic society.



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...a frontier that is ubiquitous and full with perpetual encounters.

 Ukraine Song
 (Рідна мати моя) - Katia
Ukrainian, illia Bondarenko
Canadian Daniel Bhallacharya

Working to bridge societal divides through
shared cultural experiences...

Our culturally centric content help you gain an
informed perspective

an appreciation for travel, language, music, religion, art,
cuisine and other cultural traditions all of which
add spice and vitality to our


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Artistry Vibes

The Struggle
Then | Now

News updates

Update on the Ukraine War

Ancient Philosophy's impact on our world

We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.


ViceNews Reports: ...Life after the U.S.'s Departure from Afghanistan

Spartan Rules For Life

The Philosophy of Sparta

PLATO - Incredible Life Changing Quotes [Stoicism] Part 1

Sun Tzu Quotes: How to Win
Life's Battles


cVIBINg™ curates, produces and distributes
public relational content that are inspiring,
entertaining, educational,
and thought-provoking.

Peace & Prosperity

Showtime: The Ethiopian 
War Within

ABC: 100 days of the Russia’s
invasion of Ukraine

DW: The Road to Peace after Civil War in Colombia



DEI Education

Diversity Equality & Inclusion Projects

We collaborate with others in our global community to bring about
Positive Cultural & Social Change...

The measure of a man is what he
does with POWER.


cVIBINg believes Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives make our organizations stronger and more prolific. However, we recognize our stand provokes discussion and, in some cases, encourages thought-provoking debates. DEI discussions can also be empowering, liberating and lead to healing. It’s our intent to create a safe environment where we can employ Art and Entertainment to facilitate healthy debate and good outcomes.


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cVibe’s vision is to use our collective Artistry to bring about positive social change and to help dispel the fears we have over DEI programs. We want to deliver DEI programming in ways that integrate creativity with facts, and civil dialogues which explore ways that cause us to embrace our common interest even as we work towards bridging solutions to our diverging viewpoints. In this endeavor, cVIBINg’s team is not only dedicated to creating content but also to community engagement, forums and participating in other activities that discuss and seek to reconcile historical, racial, social and economic issues that stoke divisions within our communities.




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